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Hi, we need a name and logo design for a small scale development business in regional NSW Australia.

The business is called Themeda Group. Themeda is the botanical name for Kangaroo grass which is a local indigenous plant native to this area. It is simply a brand name to tie together a team of building, landscape and interior designers, engineer, builder and associated professionals.

We specialise in producing energy efficient residential projects of a small scale and medium to high quality build. These projects are designed from an environmental friendly standpoint to be a part of the landscape. Colour schemes around the projects are predominantly pastel and soft and not intended to 'stand out' as far as looks go. might want to have a look at the plant itself. thanks very much
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Themeda Projects
Saturday, October 29, 2011
  • Sorry to be a pain but we had call today forcing us to change our business name to Themeda Projects rather than Themeda Group.  Brief and all else the same, thanks and appologies for any inconvenience,


    Added Tuesday, October 25, 2011
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