Brochure Design Job: Brochure for national tutoring/college preparation company

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Brochure Design
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Education / Learning
Task Outline
  • Create a Brochure Design
Task Description
A4 paper size vertical fold brochure for a national tutoring and college preparation company

please provide front and back (2 complete sheets-horizontal A4 sized sheet with a vertical fold-) should be 4 sections of design- (front cover, inside left, inside right, back) for aesthetic and various copy (also attached word doc with text)
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Target Market(s)
wide demographic; mothers of high school students; 16-18 year old high school students; mothers of middle school aged students

we specialize in standardized test preparation- SAT, ACT, etc- though we also provide general subject high school tutoring
Must Have:
- must be very clean, professional, traditional, cohesive, and easy to navigate/extract information.

variety of stock photos attached (can use these or your own)

copy is also attached- (not ALL of the text in the attached file needs to be used but please try to include most of it in a pleasing way) - CAN LEAVE SPOTS WITH "TEXT GOES HERE"

please use your discretion when choosing when/if something must be cut. For example, services and founder''''s background, the fact that all tutors are ivy league ba, ma, and phd grads, and our trademarked mastery methods must be worked in somehow...

must utilize the "Insight elite college preparation logo" (attached)- please provide logo section of design as a removable/resizeable object in the ai file.

lastly, we use very innovative methods rooted in science (owner is a phd who researches cognition, learning, and memory systems)- we hope for the brochure to convey this and thus separate us from the competition.

color palette: wines, crimsons, creams, grays

Nice to Have:
- cohesiveness

perhaps incorporates the "insight" (wisdom) and/or "in sight" (your college is in sight) concept??

Should Not Have:
- too cluttered

colors: orange, browns, yellow

something corny or gimmicky

File 1: supporting file 16
File 2: supporting file 510
File 3: supporting file 38
File 4: supporting file 11
File 5: supporting file 33
File 6: supporting file 55
File 7: supporting file 22
File 8: supporting file 49
File 9: supporting file 44
File 10: supporting file 27

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