T-shirt Design Job: Fan For Life. Cartoon figure of fan with foam finger, pennant, etc.

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Job Type
T-shirt Design
Task Outline
  • Create a T-shirt Design
Task Description
Fan For Life. That's the Tag line. I want this to be in the direction of Life is Good product line, but centered on sports and the fan. I want the cartoon figure to be versatile so that I can use him in different settings for different sports and props. I will also having familiar sport fan saying across the top. This is to celebrate the fan and their unconditional support of sport. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer...etc. I really want a great design and maybe a partner as I think this could be big. If you also think so, help me out for cheap to start. I want this shirt to be basic like the name you product description above.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Target Market(s)
loyal Sports Fan 5-65 years old.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Cartoon fan man holding foam finger and pennent. Very simple, but distinctive and relatalbe to the average sports fan.

Comments and Questions
This is my project.  I think that it could make a lot of money as the target audience is large and loyal.  I really have no money...so if anyone would not lonly like to design my shirts but enter into a partnership, I would love it.  I def need help.  Profits are waiting!!!!
By Project Owner on Friday, September 23, 2011 | Reply
i'll do it for free .
send me a way to contact with you , so i know the details and provide you with options to choose from .
By OBEY on Friday, September 23, 2011 | Reply
Thank you. You can contact me at bcdssworker@verizon.net I can send you what kind of feel I am looking for and a rough sketch of an intial idea. The feel I want is like the Life is Good clothing line if you are familar with that. Are you very familar with American sports, American Football, baseball and basketball etc...?
Thanks again for helping me with this.
By Project Owner on Friday, September 23, 2011 | Reply
I will contact you on this mail . am familiar with American sports but not very familiar , but I think I can help you ,
By OBEY on Friday, September 23, 2011 | Reply
Expected Quote Range
< $100
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