Web Design Job: RE-Design web site coded

Designer Selected
A$1000 to A$5000
In Payments
Job Type
Web Design
Task Outline
  • Submit a Quote
  • One designer will be selected to submit a design
Task Description
I would realy like the whole web design changed and improved. I find the web site to be dull and does not concentrate on the lock king side of the business.
Top section:
I would like to get rid of the *Lock King P/L trading as ADVANCED LIVING SOLUTIONS.
The Bayswter Locksmiths button removed.
The 2 company logos seperated (Advanced on left, Lock King on right.
I would also like our 1300lockking advertised in the middle maybe with a 24 hr emergency service sign.
this area needs to be dressed up a bit (i think it looks terrible and could be jazzed up.)
The only thing i dont want changed are our logos.
On the second section(Dark blue links bar):
add link (Other Services) and move Ducted Vac, Telephone &tel cabling, Smart Wiring, Home Hub, Home Theatre and through home music into the Other Services tab.
(So we are concentrating on the locksmith side of things).
I think we also need a restricted keys tab (this will be a new page with photos of restricted products and descriptions.
In the Door hardware link i was thinking about having an online shopping cart. Is this possible?
On the the section bellow the links:
Change colours and layouts. Again this all needs a fresh look. I would like to see more things that stand out and advertise what our business does. Like mobile service covering all eastern suburbs of melbourne ect.
I would also like to have an online booking link (eg. a picture of a van which you click to make a booking, the customer then fills in there details and is forwarded to us to make contact.
Our web page is run by cpanel.
I would like this page coded and i want to be able to add and remove pictures of products for sale myself in the future so i would like it simple to modify.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Thursday, September 22, 2011

Expected Quote Range
A$1000 to A$5000
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