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  • Create a Business Card Design
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I need a business card design for a new dance business. I offer classical Indian dance tuition and also professional performances. I want to offer the community a variety of Indian dance experiences which include: group class and private tuition, school and preschool educational courses and workshops. dance theatre performances, community function workshops and performances, Kids Bollywood parties, wedding & conference performances, mouth percussion classes, Indian mythology/ dance costume and make up workshops.
The final design should communicate a feeling and impression of the vibrance and energy of Indian dance.
Thursday, October 6, 2011
  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful designs so far - they ar tryly amazing!  My apologies for not providing feedback to you all as yet - will tomorrow night I promise!  Some of you have given me some ideas I would like to share with you all.  If any  of you have the time I am keen for my card to:

    1.  Be vertical.
    2.  Have file 1 photo (Feet & legs) on the front with an orange/gold background and the following text:

    Blue Mountains Indian Dance
    Niki Shepherd (Don't bother writing artistic director)
    Graduate of Kuchipudi classical Indian dance
    The phone number I provided
    The email address I provided

    3.  Have file 2 (full picture of me - the new one!) on the back of the card with a white background and bright magenta text as per the original text on the back but with these changes:

    *  Take 'Bollywood' out and just write "Children's parties"
    * Delete the dance costume and makeup workships

    Thank you so much everyone and best wishes,


    Added Thursday, September 15, 2011
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: I would like to refine a few changes to the details of this lovely design and we have run out of time!
    Added Saturday, September 24, 2011
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: Still waiting to hear back form designer re two possible changes to the card design. Tomorrow is the deadline and I have sent several messages but with no response. I need to see this through before selecting this lovely design. Thank you. Niki
    Added Wednesday, September 28, 2011
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- The front of the business card should have the photo of me (my face and torso), surrounded entirely by a border of bright magenta (to match the magenta of my lipstick - it is the same as the magenta on my skirt in the second photo). Within the top border I want (perhaps yellow-gold) writing to say "Niki Shepherd - Artistic Director" and within the bottom border it should read "Blue Mountains Indian Dance." If you turn the card on its side the left border should have my telephone number: 0402 330 158 and the right-hand border should read:

The reverse of the card should be the orange of the dance costume
and I'd like the picture of my feet and legs to be on the right side of the back of the card as a side border. Centre-aligned on the orange background it should read (perhaps in dark magenta):

Indian dance classes + private tuition
School + preschool educational courses and workshops
Dance theatre performances
Community function workshops and performances
Children's Bollywood parties
Wedding + conference performances
Mouth percussion classes
Indian mythology and dance demonstration workshops
Dance costume and make-up workshops

Nice to Have:
- A lovely artistic but easy-to-read font would be nice.

File 1: anp-niki-shepherd-4790 sunday, 11 september 2011 05:09:452
File 2: anp-niki-shepherd-4641 sunday, 11 september 2011 05:09:441
File 3: anp-niki-shepherd-4634 thursday, 15 september 2011 15:48:263

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