Web Design Job: Website Enhancements

Designer Selected
$5000 to $10000
In Payments
Job Type
Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Outline
  • Create a Web Design (Uncoded - PSD layout only)
Task Description
Need a Web forum / community bulletin board to enhance our website at http://www.blueglobere.com/
Must integrate with our existing website.
Should match our existing domain name (forum should be http://www.blueglobere.com/forums).
Should match our existing website layout.
Users should use the existing registration/login process.
(Registration is at: http://www.blueglobere.com/registration.php)
Logged in users can post/reply to posts
Non- logged in users will be read only
Attachments / up to a certain size can be attached.
Should have a built in calendar to organize and announce events.
Need a voting poll to your threads to get feedback from users.
Users should have ability to 'flag' a post to bring it to the attention of the admin.
Security -
Ability to assign multiple moderators/administrators with detailed access rights.
Administrator has the ability to set forums to approve/reject posts OR he can let users
post without moderation and choose to modify/delete posts if he feels it is inappropriate.
Ability to Approve posts and replies before they go live.
Ability to stop post/email spammers.
Emails of users should not be visible.
Ability to Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing the forum.

Please give us a quote
If you are awarded the project, payment will be made as per terms of this website.
This is a repost
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Monday, September 12, 2011
Comments and Questions
How was your current site developed? Using which technologies? HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Flash, etc?
Is there any reason why I cant view your site? Keeps timing out.
By Zeus Digital Media on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 | Reply
Expected Quote Range
$5000 to $10000
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