Book Cover Design Job: Young Adult Novel Series needs a book cover design

Designer Selected
$100 to $300
In Payments
Job Type
Book Cover Design
Industry / Entity Type
Task Outline
  • Create a Book Cover Design
Task Description
Need a book cover design for an african american young adult short book series - primarily ebooks for now, to be published in paperback in the future. The series focuses on teen relationships created/destroyed/strengthened/ruined during prom time. The first is entitled "Put That On Everything"...

"Alana and Trey have been inseparable for two years. Just weeks before the prom, Trey changes everything, when he breaks up with Alana to explore his options across color lines. Devastated and betrayed, Alana tries to save face, but her feable attempts fall short. Just as she gives up hope and prepares to attend her senior prom alone, a friend whom she never truly appreciated, saves the day. Is it possible for Alana to find love where she had never considered it?"
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Friday, September 2, 2011
Must Have:
- This is a 4 book series - so the look should tie into something that can have a consistency across the four books, although the covers are different

Nice to Have:
- clean imagery, modern look
Photographs, not illustrated persons (if people on the cover)

Should Not Have:
- Any people on the cover (if any) should not have an avatar look, or computer generated odd etheral look to them.

Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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