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Logo Design Job: Logo Design firearms training company called True Aim

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Logo Design
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  • Create a Logo Design
Task Description
I need a logo design for my firearms training company in So. California. My customers are civilians and not Law Enforcement or Military people. My customers needs range from beginners looking to become familiar with (pistol, rifles and shotguns) to intermediate skilled looking for home self-defense training, and there is the advance person who has a carry conceal permit and needs defensive tactical training.
I would like to see a simple design that plays off the aspect of the company name. True Aim can represent honest, transparent, with meaningful purpose. Also it can represent the marksmanship required to shoot a firearm accurately. If these can be represented cleverly and with a simple 1-2 color design that can be embroidered I will be interested in see it. I would also prefer that the image be separeted from the text, thus standing on it's own.

I've attached two files which are only examples of things submitted to my by friends. I like how simple they are, but I'm hoping for something more clever yet stay abstract.

Dennis Shaffer
Logo Text
True Aim or True Aim Training
Logo Styles of Interest
Abstract Logo
Conceptual / symbolic (optional text)
Saturday, October 15, 2011
  • to all designers,

    I appreciate all your efforts and there have been some very good submissions.  Some of you have taken my recent suggestion to submit designs that play off the use of sight alignment. I though it would be helpful that I supplement that request with some brief information.  

    Here it is:

    I hope this helps and thank you for your efforts.


    Added Sunday, September 04, 2011
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: I have a unplanned business trip where I will be out of town and have limited access to the internet. I want to provide those of you enough feedback with any of the late submissions. Thank you for your participation. Dennis
    Added Tuesday, September 06, 2011
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: I just got back from business trip and need more time to evaluate and provide feedback.
    Added Tuesday, September 20, 2011
Target Market(s)
Average professional working people looking to get firearms training either for sport or self defense
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Simple design with few colors. I would also prefer that the image be separeted from the text, thus standing on it's own.

Nice to Have:
- Regarding Nice to Have:

My original comment was "if through abstract images you are able to display the action or image of "focusing" that would be good."

I should have elaborated to add other words or statements like: positive, direction, clarity, skill, education, learning, and instructor.

Also, I tend to like abstract images rather than text if possible. I would prefer that the text and image stand on there own. Something where the abstract image is interesting/clever so people will want to wear it on clothing.

Should Not Have:
- Military, Police, War, Death images. Complicated designs which would be difficult or expensive to silkscreen or have embroider on shirt and hats
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