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  • Create a Brochure Design
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I need a brochure to sell our mental arithmetic program. The brochure will be in two versions:
1. Two page A4 size brochure (front and back)
2. One page A4 size - either a simplified form of the 2-pager or a different thing alltogether

While both will be focused on the same target market, some of the decision makers are housewives and may have more time while others are working and may need a convicing and eye-catching one pager to make a decision.

What I want is 90% decided but I want the designer to be OK with some iterations and modifications at the end to the brochures (2-3 hours of work)

Also, some details like bank account and "contact us" will be put in later so need placeholders for those.

Product is a program of learning mental mathematics through several levels so that children get a very strong foundation of numbes and mathematics and they are able to do amazing mathematical calculations mentally without any pen or paper.

It reduces the dependency on calclators and makes students rely on their brain
It is different because it is a program that will form a strong foundation and build on that to give a holistic learning about numbers and patterns so that children fall in love with numbers and start enjoying it.

In the attached file, I have put some of my thoughts/ points that can be used

If you need any more information about the content etc. or any piece of information you think will be very convincing and need my help to get it, I can try and find that also.

Format must be either in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign

Thursday, July 30, 2009
Target Market(s)
Parents of school going children: late primary to high school (say, 9 to 17 yrs. old) Also, potentially teachers and adults who can learn it for themselves because they feel they don't have a strong numerical foundation and cannot do mental math.
Must Have:
- Must be very visual. Must be colorful.
- While it is focused on parents, it should make them feel it is just perfect for their children.
- Show the real world benefits of mental mathematics..... How will thiis help their children
- Should show how cheap the cost is in comparison to......some other things

Nice to Have:
- Benefits of mental math in:
- - life
- - school
- - higher education
- - career
- etc.

Should Not Have:
- Should not be cluttered
- Should not appear very comical or cheesy or cheap... It is serious stuff and it will really benefit their children.... not a gimmicky thing; not a collection of shortcuts; not something offered by anyone out there

File 1: supporting file 11

Comments and Questions
I understand that you want A4 size paper - but do you want any folds in the paper eg- folded in half or in thirds?
By DeVine Design & Graphics on Friday, July 3, 2009 | Reply
At this point in time, I can say that I have no objections to folds. It would depend on how it looks...

I have seen some creativity course brochures that were folded in thirds and I liked them. And one of the companies who I am talking to for direct mailing prefers A4 folded in half (so either 2 sided A5 or 4 sided A5) - but are OM with otehr sizes/ shapes also... so these are not limitations for you....

I am open to plain full side paper as well as folds...
By Project Owner on Friday, July 3, 2009 | Reply
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