Graphic Design Job: header graphic for new website

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$100 to $300
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Graphic Design
Task Outline
  • Create a Graphic Design
Task Description
Need a header graphic 780 wide by 140-160 high that incorporates my logo, complimentary colors, and ideally some representation of the San Francisco skyline. Have yet to choose color scheme for the site - am hoping your design can help make that decision. I'm using a Wordpress template, which along with my logo can be viewed at

Also need an underlying graphic that blends with the header and which can scale to fit 100% of the viewer's screen.
Homepage graphics and button graphics/images also need designing at some point, but let's start with the header.

The general look/feel I'm going for is similar to

Will upload logo file and pics of my work studio for reference and color ideas.
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Thursday, September 1, 2011
Target Market(s)
We are San Francisco's only High Intensity Training facility, and we are here to help bay area residents achieve their optimal level of fitness and physical performance in the safest, most efficient manner possible. Ideal prospects include busy downtown workers who are committed to their fitness and overall self-care, and corporations interested in offering a truly valuable employee benefit that will get fully utilized (unlike gym memberships, etc) and which will promote and allow their people to assign high priority to their physical conditioning during business hours with no loss in productivity.
Our private supervised training sessions are brief, intense, and infrequent, and are conducted in an ideal distraction-free environment. The majority of our clients attend just one 20-minute session each week with very impressive results and minimal impact on their schedules and commitments.
We are about building stronger muscles and bones for an expansive list of health and lifestyle benefits. Most clients do not perspire during our sessions, allowing them to train in work attire or street clothes and quickly return to their daily activities without showering, reapplying makeup, etc.
Over 60% of our clients are referred to us by physicians or other health/self-care professionals.
We serve our clients with experienced and dedicated strength coaches and specially designed medical-grade equipment. However, these are only tools. There are no shortcuts when it comes to changing one's body composition, and no amount of coaching or technology will replace or compensate for the work and commitment required of clients to manifest results. We encourage and help clients to set realistic expectations based on their individual goals, limitations, capabilities, and priorities. Individual results are just that - individual - and expectations based on someone else's results or other false criteria are untenable with or without our help. We can only help people be the best they can and want to be.
We also practice and promote energy and environmental conservation, social responsibility, and community involvement.
We provide our clients with safe, clean, filtered tap water in reusable stainless steel bottles. We have no trash cans and produce no paper waste. We use outside ventilation and just a few low-consumption fans to maintain an ideal temperature without the use of air conditioning. We consume minimal electricity and are seeking a solar lighting solution to further reduce our consumption.
Safe, simple, efficient.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Graphic must incorporate our identity and support the values of simplicity, efficiency, and safety without compromising any of the aforementioned positioning points. Colors should invoke thoughts of simplicity, beauty, and respect for the environment, and will be used to determine the color scheme for the remainder of the site. Our phone number should be clearly displayed somewhere in the graphic.

Nice to Have:
- Some representation of our convenient downtown San Francisco location. An image or line drawing of the SF city skyline would do the trick, but should be subtle enough so as not to distract from our logo.

File 1: bodymastery3 monday, 29 august 2011 20:06:334
File 2: bodymastery2 monday, 29 august 2011 20:06:333
File 3: bodymasterylogo300dpi monday, 29 august 2011 20:06:301
File 4: bodymastery1 monday, 29 august 2011 20:06:312

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Expected Quote Range
$100 to $300
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