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I need a logo for my photography business! I love photographing children and famililes - my style is cheery, bright, clean, and happy. I love pink, lime green and yellow but am open to any colors. I want my logo to be elegant AND cheery...if that is possible.

I just uploaded a document with sample logos that I like the look and feel of. Thank you for looking!
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Amanda Donohue Photography
Wednesday, June 19, 2013
  • I am still looking for my final logo design. Seeing submissions has helped me narrow down what I love. Elegant, Feminine, Fun, Whimsical. I really like the designs that use pink, green, aqua and yellow or any combination of those. The ones that I can also see as a watermark for my photos are the ones that I will give top priority to. Thank you all for your amazing creativity and time and energy.

    Added Sunday, June 16, 2013
Nice to Have:
- I like flowers and birds and trees and branches

File 1: logo samples i like sunday, 16 june 2013 15:32:311

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