Logo Design Job: Animal Planet's Capt. Chuck Big Country from "Swamp Wars" needs Help!

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I'm Charles Seifert, a Fireman Paramedic and snake bite treatment expert. I'm 6'4" and 240lbs so that is how I got the nick name Big Country (15yrs ago when I came on the fire department out of the Army). I have 5 young children 3 girls and 2 boys and my wife stays home with and our 2nd daughter has a heart problem and pacemaker since she was born. I'm also starring on the Animal Planet tv show "Swamp Wars". I'm know for working with crazy dangerous venomous snakes but I have worked with all sorts of big dangerous animals but Reptiles and Large Cats are my favorite.

The money made on the show goes to the Fire Department, my employer. Animal Planet owns the Rights to the show and the "Swamp Wars" logo In other words, I get an average fireman's salary thats it!!! The Fire Department got a fixed payment no royalties. I thought being on a reality TV show was going to end my money problems... lol it made it worse. I tell you this so you know my circumstances.

I am working to use this 5mins of fame to try to make some money. Currently, you can see my store @ www.BigCountrysBackYard.com were I have T-shirts, decals, and patches. They display the "Miami Dade Fire Rescue Venom One" unit that I work on. (its not working so don't try to buy anything)
I'm looking to use MY logo on hats, shirts, decals, business cards, and other merchandise under my name. I also sell reptiles/exotics pets.

I'm hoping to wear these items on the next season if we get one, and guest appearances at various events.

Ultimately, I want a stylish reptile clothing line . Currently there is not much in the industry. Oh and my decal on the back of every car.. LOL

The problem with my design is that it does not promote Capt. Chuck Big Country. I want to incorprate the Fire Maltese with the Snake Skin pattern, but the current snake needs to be toned down a little. Though, I'd like to still keep the Venom One title, and possibly Miami, Florida. To link it to the show indirectly.

Current websites Social media
FaceBook Capt. Chuck Big Country
Twitter: BigCountryMIA
Instagram: BigCountryMIA

Also own but not open
and some more

Good luck everyone.

Captain Chuck Seifert AKA Big Country
Logo Text
This is hard my website is to long and there are a million "Big Country's"
Friday, June 28, 2013
Target Market(s)
Fire EMS and Reptile lovers
Nice to Have:
- Psalm 91. (just that. don't want to force scripture on anyone)

If possible a cross, but it must work don't just stick in there cause i put this.

Should Not Have:
- No Demonic looks. It can strike fear but not in a sensationalize evil way. Most of my customers are snake lovers and don't like the bad rap they have. On the other hand we love the fear they strike in people.
File 1: 86e8eb3174b9396e6bc6ae1799df_p_l_390527 thursday, 13 june 2013 04:46:262
File 2: venom-one1_268504 thursday, 13 june 2013 04:44:561

Comments and Questions
hello there...we are very happy to help you with this project but we need to be sure how and when must be done . here is my e-mail adress : ZXR_Goblin@yahoo.co.uk . If you are looking for a colaboration with a good skill of photoshop and webdesign feel free to contact and we will make your project turn alive in a very fast time . King Regards
By Stoica Vlad on Friday, June 14, 2013 | Reply
Dear Sir,,

thanks for inviting us to project your logo and you've seen our design portfolio, but we have several projects that close, we would be happy if you please invite us next time, thank you

By prime on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | Reply
which name do you want in your logo please tell me
By usmandesigner26 on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | Reply
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