Web Design Job: The first Social Networking & Free Matrimonial Site for Tamils only worldwide.

Designer Selected
$800 to $1000
In Payments
Job Type
Web Design
Task Outline
  • Submit a Quote
  • One designer will be selected to submit a design
Task Description
Hi there,

I want to create a Social Networking Matrimonial Site aimed and focused towards to the Tamil Global Community. It will serve as a platform for Tamils all over the world to come online and talk to each other, meet new friends, make friends, email, post pictures and messages on each others walls - catch up with the latest news updates in the Tamil world and Indian News or South Indian news.

Each registrant will have their own profile page that consists of their own details and likes/dislikes, pictures (albums), a short intro about themselves, education, status, etc. After registering, all their details will appear on their main profile page (each Registrant will have their own page with tabs to check on friends, updates, pictures, private msgs, posts and online chat option.

Once registered on the site they'll have an option to register for the Matrimonial services which will consist of a ONE-OFF lifetime charge of $2.5 only - they can view as many profiles, contact other prospective partners with due respect to data protection and privacy and permission. So each individual will have on their account status as a normal user or someone who has also opted for matrimonial services which will help serve as a better platform for searches. Age restrictions will apply for those opting for matrimonial services - only 18 years and above.

Initially when the site loads up, their will be two sides a Login slot and to register (a simple registration to get them in - once they registered instantly, they can set up their own profile pages with the details). The Site will cater for the Tamil Global Community only.

Furthermore, I would like to generate an income through this site by allowing businesses to come forward and advertise on my site. For ease of use, their should be options for Languages English & Tamil.

I hope this makes things clearer for you. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

Thanking you,

p.s. I would like this site to be extra special and different - Improved photo uploading and easy to organize.

Farid Ameen
Deadline for Quote Submissions
Saturday, August 20, 2011

Expected Quote Range
$800 to $1000
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