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Banner Ad Design
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Hi I need to get a 1-2 minute long animation. not full cartoon style, but a hybrid between a power point/text style and animations

the point of this animation is to put on the site, and use as the explanation of what we are doing. with at the end some calls to action... in the future, once the site is up and running, then the animation will be used on the main site as "who are we".

This is a preliminary creative brief as i dont know if you can do this on this site - there isnt any specific tick box for animation...
I will story board it. The characters and personality have already been designed. I have uploaded a few files of our logo and of some "characters". Basically these characters will form the basis of the animation, with a few more etc.
I have had another designer design the logos but unfortunately he is unable to do the animation.
I want for someone to tell me what they can do, what it would look like (with examples from youtube – doesn’t have to be your own work – im looking to see if you understand the personality of the animation), how much it would cost…. I will then next Tuesday put more specifics.
Below is the basic story board....... THIS WILL BE CHANGED - its just to show you the kind of thing i need.
Story board of the intro:
The Game is Changing.
We had an idea. Then we had a great idea!
Why is venture capital only for the big players? Why do you need to be a big company to seek funding (PIC of small company not being able to get funding)? Why do you need to be a big investors to find Where can you go if you want to learn about starting or investing in a business, or Venture Capital anyway?
Many small businesses require a small amount of funding. (URIKA!) Many businesses come to us and our friends seeking investment. Many times we say yes.
We thought we would share this idea with you! WE found a way for us all to be able to join in with URIKA moments. To do this, we created URIKAP.
A place where small investor connect with each other. TO discuss, challenge learn and invest. The more investors there are, the more opinions that matter, the better the wisdom of crowds.
However that was the good idea. Now for the great idea.
To help other businesses along, and to help investors our friends have come to join us! WE have a large group of angels that are here to guide investors and small businesses through the challenges they face. The angels are controlled by you! Each company makes up to 3% available to fund its favourite adviser. You get to vote on that!
And even better….. you get to become an angel. IF you are active and respected enough we will let you join to top table!
URIKAP is a place where good ideas meet YOU.

Here’s some of the great new tools you will be seeing here?
For businesses we give
Business plan builder.
Social media competitions
For the investor:
You get access to the company operations
You can invest small amounts
We will have education.
And best of all….

Our friends will be with you too. A group of angels to advise you to stamp their approval and to invest the money.

They help you. The wise crowd meet great ideas.

Coming soon!

PS we are building our crowd now!
Please register your interest – Look around the page, you will find an area that is relevant to you. Sign up to receive notices. We have some pretty nice prizes on offer as well.

We want angels. Investors, start-ups and geeks!
Please tell us how we are getting on. We are going to build this with your help!

Deadline for Quote Submissions
Tuesday, December 20, 2011
  • Project Deadline Extended
    Reason: no one is coming back to me with an adequate response. I am looking now purely for a 2-3 minute animation video. This will look like, or various others i can send to you. Aim will be our voice over animation you will do. We are setting up a new crowdfunding for equity business/marketplace - closest competitor is We want a 2 minute animation that will explain what we do (which will be v v similar in content to, or any of the other sites related to our industry.) . We will use this on our website as an explanation, but also to go to investors with to seek funding. The aim would be to create a video that we could then overlay new text as the idea becomes more "solid". Hence the requirement for animation rather than "human" video. We expect to need a number of videos for different activities, therefore would like to discuss the concept of having one minute anchor video that and then a number of other 1 minute videos meeting other requirements. By the way, we are setting up what we like to believe will be the go to site for funding for start-ups. We will also be providing them with support in terms of developing their own business. You have a chance therefore to be our “preferred provider” for animations etc…. We require this to be completed quickly.
    Added Monday, December 12, 2011
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£100 to £300
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