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Logo Design
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Mobile Phone
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  • Create a Logo Design
Task Description
Cars2Go.mobiis a new mobile information service designed to provide car buyers with information about specific automobiles while they are shopping for a vehicle. Our service links the mobile phone to the largest database of new and used vehicles in the United States. We derive our revenue by providing leads to local auto dealers. For example: John is looking to buy a a new Jeep. He is at the local Jeep dealership and sees a point of sale advertisement that says "want more information on this vehicle? Use your mobile phone and Go to cars2go.mobi and enter Vehicle number xyz123. We then deliver specific information about the vehicle and offer to connect the consumer with the dealer via click to call technology, text messaging or a simple email.

Expanded information:

Upon not finding a satisfactory logo, the deadline is being extended.  The desired logo needs to have web 2.0 elements of design and it must be very simple and elegant, subtle.  The logo must be achived mostly with typograhy, font and a small isotype, yet be striking.
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Friday, July 10, 2009
  • I'd like to see a version of the logo where the primary element is an i-phone or blackberry and the cars2go.mobi url is incorporated into the phone.
Target Market(s)
The logo must appeal to consumers and auto dealers. The consumer shopping for a car is the information seeker but our "paying customer" is the local auto dealer.
Must Have:
- the logo must include the url www.cars2go.mobi

Nice to Have:
- High tech- mobile communication meets mobile transportation.. information, data etc., Keywords to help you think of ideas would be auto, mobile phone, car, technology, data, lead generation, information, wheels, road,

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