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We are looking for artwork of a "Einstein-like" witty professor for use on a technical help page on a site about off-road atv tires. This professor should look smart as most professors, but can also have some "cool" or outdoor aspects about him. He still needs to be professional looking and respectable-Very Tech Savy.

Sunday, August 7, 2011
Target Market(s)
Males b/w 18 & 50 looking for technical information about off-road tire sizing and other specifications.
Look and Feel
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Must Have:
- Must have the "Einstein-like" Professor as part of the logo. The artwork represents a knowledgeable authority and information knowledge source for techincal information.

Nice to Have:
- Fashion items to compliment a professor that knows all about outdoor ATV Mud Tires and powersports.

It would be nice to have the professor in a lab coat, with a tire gauge.

The artwork could just be a head/shoulder shot..such as in the professor overdrive artwork attached.

Or the artwork could be in outdoor setting. He could also be around a stack of "gnarly tires" or stack of wheels. He could be holding a tire gauge.

Maybe mud in some aspect.

Maybe gnarly tires in some aspect.

Should Not Have:
- Should not be in black and white.
File 1: crazy_professor_sims_549642502 thursday, 28 july 2011 04:46:063
File 2: albert1_ezr thursday, 28 july 2011 04:31:132
File 3: 50354_1_lg friday, 05 august 2011 14:51:417
File 4: nanofarmbig thursday, 28 july 2011 04:46:064
File 5: browse tech questions – expert advice – summitracing thursday, 28 july 2011 04:31:131
File 6: tire-machine friday, 05 august 2011 14:51:416
File 7: gators1-designcrowd friday, 05 august 2011 14:49:015

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