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I need to make http://californiafonts.com a cool and fun website to find and browse fonts. Check it out first. Are you back? OK, so..

... I have about 20k free fonts, and I need the site to look and feel great. As you can see I want to be able to promote individual fonts on G+, Facebook, and also twitter and e-mail, so make sure that looks natural. The font samples listed are rather long. I can generate new ones if needed, shorter or two or three lines if needed. As long as the design is cool, I'll play along.

At the moment, you can only browse fonts by category. However, I also have tag information available, and would love to show a tag-cloud somewhere. I will also be adding font searching, so make sure to add support for the user to enter font names and perform searches.

I need space for Adsense ad blocks, like the three you see currently. However I could switch one of them to a smaller format and place it somewhere else if it makes sense.

The secondary pages, font packages and font manager just need basic layouts.

Because of the huge amount of fonts (20k), easy navigation of categories (I have even more than what is currently visible) is essential.

*Note* I had to remove the Guarantee on this project as it was an error by DesignCrowd Admin. If you have any questions email emily.howman@designcrowd.com. Thanks! Emily
Saturday, August 6, 2011
Target Market(s)
Casual users looking for fonts for small design projects. I want them to return for more. Some % of users will be serious designers looking for free fonts. Overall the site should look professional as-if made for graphic artists.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- I am looking for something cool and 'fun', elegant layouts that can make the fonts look great. I realize that the front page does not show the best fonts at the moment, but imagine that it will.

I need space to promote 3-4 items like "Coolest font of the Month", "editor's choice", "people's award", or "random font of the day". These should be placed on the homepage.

I need to have all elements submitted in "normal mode" and "mouse-over mode" so that I can make them react with the user with CSS 3.0 later.

Need sharing with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and via Email. Should look natural. I have no control over the graphics from those four social networks, so make sure to use what they provide if possible. I'll try and find examples if needed.

Nice to Have:
- I would like to see the a design that caters to large lists. It's OK that the user can scroll down to see 20-30 fonts per page, but ultimately the layout should work with between 10 - 100 fonts, whatever I choose later.

Should Not Have:
- I don't think a menu with a huge amount of categories makes sense. as you can see, the categories are visible at the moment on the site. I would like way to make them look great to make the user play around in them.
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By Project Owner on Friday, August 5, 2011 | Reply
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