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Looking for a sophisticated business card that captures our recent redesign. We are a media business with two publications that also runs conferences for the banking industry in Australia/NZ.

The slogan we have started using is:

Read. Share. Connect. Innovate.

Our strategic purpose is to help the financial services industry deliver a better banking experience to customers across all distribution channels.

We do this by providing compelling content and bringing our audience together to share knowledge.

We would like a two sided card, but other than that we're not precious about the type of design.

Friday, April 24, 2009
Target Market(s)
Bankers and vendors that serve the banking industry
Must Have:
- Banking Review Media Logo, Name (Charis Palmer), job title (Editor), Phone/fax numbers +61 7 3217 3422, + 61 7 3217 3722 , email address (, skype address (charis.palmer), website address, twitter tag @bankingreview, slogan as detailed above

Nice to Have:
- Other logos - we have a logo for Banking Review Conferences and also the two mastheads Online Banking Review & Retail Banking Review

Should Not Have:
- stock photos - yuck!
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