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Hello Designers,
I source,restore and supply old vintage factory and machine furniture to some very stylish industrial and collectible shops in Melbourne & Sydney. I focus on very old heavy steel and hardwood work benchs, trolleys, carts, machine chairs, factory lights and industrial objects of desire. Years of age and wear and tear on each piece is carefully restored and given a new lease of life out of the factory and into the home. The visual impact/design of the logo is very important as the business image is centered on each piece of vintage furniture being a design piece in itself. A webpage will be the next stage after the logo design. The logo will be used on transport truck,(photo attached-vintage VW kombi-logo will be on doors and on huge canvas cover for winter transport) local billboards, business card,stickers, web page, advertising, branding stamp etc
I got a logo done(not used) which is what i would like to use as a base design idea/brief.(photo attached) I like the idea of a centre circle with a slanted roof factory image within circle. Like two/tone black and white bold striking image. The factory shape in the logo attached is not right. It doesnt sit comfortable, maybe loose the windows, adjust factory shape etc. I also like the orange background and sun ray lines. So, you may want to put your ideas on attached logo design or give me a whole new design altogether. I do want it to be bold/striking and instant image design.I do want it to be striking and funky edgy and stylish. Think "COMIC BOOK" batman industrial street illistration/text. I really dont want a corporate blend type look. A logo came in from Don.L designer in(black and white one) this is a good direction of comic book edgy text/design.
The business title is " INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION"
sub title " Vintage Industrial Furniture"

Thank you, i am really looking forward to incoming logo design. Cheers, joe

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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION Vintage Industrial Furniture(tagline)
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Thursday, June 30, 2011
Target Market(s)
Hi, target customers primarily are shop owners of interesting industrial collectables and objects of desire. The furniture is sold to alot of designers looking for original funky pieces for clients, architects, business owners and household. Many pieces have been selected for feature in glossy magazines.
Look and Feel
Each slider illustrates characteristics of the customer's brand and the style your design should communicate.

Must Have:
- Clear and bold cutting edge modern looking design. Not complicated.Not corporate blendy. Clear blocks of colour. I do like orange.
I want it to have instant impact, style, clarity, colour, kapow and wham.
The logo of the old factory in the circle i like as i would get a branding stamp of the circle and two tone image made. But please put your free thought into that given logo or a totally fresh idea. Thanks

Nice to Have:
- A totally cool modern funky comic book type looking logo that represents the design of the business. Some of the pieces of very old factory funiture are really 'wow' pieces of interest and design, i would like the logo to be the same.

Should Not Have:
- Complicated lettering and or design.

Less is more.!

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