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We need a logo design for a start up business called 'Lead'.

'Lead' is in the business of influencing people to live a better life.

Lead is a simple concept and so we would like to see a simple design.

Not worried about colours - just black and white for now, should look good in any colour.

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Monday, May 06, 2013
  • re: the files I have attached - the font is just an idea - I would like to explore other fonts - even a capital letter bold - sports type font - just an idea.

    even the feather could be different - that was just the best one i could find on google that i kind of liked

    Added Friday, April 26, 2013
  • after viewing a few designs i have settled for a calligraphy style font - all lower case 'lead'

    above 'lead' will be a single feather (vertical) - the feather needs to be an outline only of a feather - hope this helps - thanks                                   

    Added Friday, April 26, 2013
Target Market(s)
Must Have:
- A feather at the end of the word 'Lead' - almost like an exclamation point OR the word 'Lead' under the feather.

Or the ability to do both.

Should Not Have:
- just stay clear of the all blacks fern (New Zealand Rugby Team) - really want a feather - i have attached a copy of a feather i think looks good - try make it something similar
File 1: feather for lead_714174 monday, 01 april 2013 03:25:542
File 2: lead_472222 monday, 01 april 2013 03:00:031

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